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Mp Tourism Bhopal

A Multi-Faceted History STD Code 0755

Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, combines scenic beauty, historicity and modern urban planning. It is situated on the site of an 11th century city, Bhojapal, founded by Raja Bhoj. The founder of this exciting city was, however, an Afghan soldier, Dost Mohammed Khan (1708-1740), fleeing from Delhi in the chaotic period after Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb's death, Dost Mohd. encountered the beautiful Gond queen, Kamlapati, who sought his aid after the murder of her consort.


Upper and Lower Lake : The Upper lake is divided from the Lower lake by an overbridge and is 6 in area. Madhya Pradesh tourism has developed a Yatch Club on the upper lake, which provides facilities of sail, paddle and motor boats.

TAJ-ul-MASAJID: : mosque Said to be the largest mosque in the country, the construction of this towering edifice was begun by Shah Jehan Begum (1868-1901) but was incomplete on her death. The great queen, Bhopal's eight ruler, left many monuments in the city and to her goes the credit for Bhopal's postal system, railway and waterworks. After her death, lack of fund prevented the completion of masjid and construction was resumed only in 1971.The most striking features of the mosque are the impressive main hall with its inter-arched roof, broad facade, spacious courtyard and smooth marble floor. A three-day Ijtimaj congregation held here annually draws people from all over the country.

JAMA MASJID: Built in 1873 by Qudsia Begum, it is a beautiful mosque, the minarets of which are crowned with gold spikes. Moti Masjid : Architecturally akin to Delhi's Jama Masjid, this imposing mosque was built by Sikandar Jehan, daughter of Kudsia Begum, in 1860.

SHAUKET MAHAL AND SADAR MANZIL: Shaukat Mahal stands apart from other structures of the old city which are predominantly Islamic in style. This structure was designed by a Frenchman, who combined Post-renaissance and Gothic styles to produce a charming amalgam. Adjoining it is the Sadar Manzil, Hall of public audience of the former rulers of Bhopal.

BHARAT BHAWAN: : It is a unique multi-celled hall of arts. Designed by the world-renowned architect Charles Correa, Bharat Bhavan is the centre for visual and performing arts. It consists of a museum of tribal and folk arts, an art gallery, a workshop of fine arts, a theatre, an indoor and outdoor auditorium and an excellent library.

GOHAR MAHAL:Situated behind Shaukat Mahal on the banks of the upper lake, Gohar Mahal is a sprawling palace built in 1820 by Qudsia Begum also known as Gohar Begum. It is an excellent example of fusion of Hindu and Mughal architecture.

VAN VIHAR :This safari park is located adjacent to the upper lake, with an area of 445 hectares where wildlife watchers can see a variety of herbivores and carnivores in their natural surroundings.

LAXMI NARAYAN TEMPLE:This beautiful temple situated on the Arera Hills has a museum attached to it, which houses a collection of sculptures from Raisen, Sehore, and Mandsaur and Shahdol districts of Madhya Pradesh.

CHOWK:In the heart of the old city, the chowk is lined with old mosques and havelis,reminders of a bygone era. The shops in its narrow alleys are treasure troves of traditional Bhopal crafts: silver jewellery,exquisitely fashioned beadwork,embroidered and sequined velvet fashioned purses and cushion.

GUFA MANDIRSituated near Lalghati in a hill having many natural caves lies this ancient temple. It is believed that this temple was rediscovered in 1949 by Swami Narayandas. Built like a staircase, the huge precincts of this structure are adorned by the idols of Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Lord Shankar, Lordess Durga and Hanuman.

SHAHID GATE:This structure is located in Old Bhopal on a major road to Shahjehanbad. This structure was built during the reign of the Nawabs fsAt present, it has been transformed into a memorial for the freedom fighters of the Independence movement.There also is an ever-glowing torch in honour of local heroes.

VARDHAMAN PARK:One of the beautiful parks of the city whose roses give it an exclusive look.Built at the site of the remains of the old fort of Bhopal, it is located besides the Upper Lake and provides an astonishing view of the sunset.

BHARAT DHAM:Situated seven kilometers from Bhopal lies this imposing hill which is the highest peak in Bhopal. Here lies "Manuabhan Ki Tekri". The tekri is adorned with the footprints of Jain saints Shri Vijay Surishwar, Shri Jinndutt Surishwar and Acharya Mantung and the idol of Adhishtayak Dev Shrimanbhadra. On this peak, Bharat Dham is being developed which would house sculptures of great Indian personalities apart from their brief biographies.

JEEVAN VATIKA:This park was built by the joint effort of Nagar Nigam, Bhopal and LIC,India.This park attracts thousand of tourists round the year.