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Sanchi Buddhist Vihar

Sanchi Buddhist Vihara :

The Buddhist Vihara is one of those masterpieces that is well worth a visit.

History of Buddhist Vihara :

There was a Stupa a few kilometers from Sanchi. It was known by the name of Satdhara Stupa. The relics of the Satdhara Stupa, which stands a few kilometers apart from Sanchi, definitely has a great deal of sentimental value to Buddhists are now kept in the Buddhist Vihara at Sanchi. They have been enclosed in a glass casket kept in the Inner sanctum of this modern monastery.

Description of Buddhist Vihara :

Unlike the earlier Viharas, this Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi is not carved out of wood. Since it was the principal residence of the monks, there is a large central area for communal activities surrounded by small chambers where the monks can sleep individually.