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Sanchi Holy Places

Sanchi Buddhist Temples

The Buddhist Temples, Sanchi impart a distinct charm and are visited every year by various religious travelers.

Introduction to Buddhist Temples, Sanchi:

The Buddhist Temples in Sanchi were built to commemorate the teachings of the Lord Buddha. These temples depict the architectural genius and have the carvings of Buddha in different poses indicative of the various stages towards attaining salvation. The temples make for an excellent tourist spot visited by a large number of tourists and hence are pretty impressive among the holy places in Sanchi.

History of Buddhist Temples, Sanchi:

These prehistoric temples stand as a testimony of Gupta architecture besides the Buddhists ruins that are found here. These temples were built by the earlier rulers who were the liberal patrons of Buddhism.

Sanchi Buddhist Vihara

The Buddhist Vihara is one of those masterpieces that are well worth a visit.

History of Buddhist Vihara :

There was a Stupa a few kilometers from Sanchi. It was known by the name of Satdhara Stupa. The relics of this Stupa which definitely has a great deal of sentimental value to Buddhists are kept in the Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi. They have been enclosed in a glass casket. The glass casket has been kept in the Inner sanctum of this modern monastery.

Description of Buddhist Vihara:

Unlike the earlier Viharas, this Buddhist Vihara, Sanchi is not carved out of wood. Being the principal residence of the monks there is a large central area for communal activities. It is surrounded by small chambers where the monks can sleep individually.

Sanchi Gupta Temple

Gupta Temple in Sanchi that heralds the beginning of Temple Architecture in India. Sanchi thus reflects the religious and architectural heritage of India. There are three layers in the Sanchi hill also referred to as shelves. They are the crowning shelf, intermediate shelf and lower shelf. The Gupta Temple adorns the intermediate layer. Make sure to visit this Gupta temple No.17 which has stood the test of time.

History of Gupta Temple :

The Gupta Temple in Sanchi dates back to the 5th century A.D. The Gupta Age has earned for itself the prestigious epithet of Golden Age. The remarkable progress that India made during the reign of the Guptas is manifest in every field. The architectural field is no exception. They are credited with ushering in a new era in the field of Temple Architecture in India. The Gupta Temple No.17 is emblematic of the resurgence of structural activity in Sanchi. It has made a prominent place for itself in history because it marks the genesis of temple Architecture in India.

Description of Gupta Temple Sanchi:

Sir John Marshall was highly impressed by the Gupta Temple, Sanchi and deemed it as one of the most logically designed structures in Indian Architecture. It incarnated all the precepts that were considered important in the construction of an Indian temple. This elegant temple has a simple flat roofed chamber and a pillared porch at the entrance. Its simplicity is striking and there is a lot of restraint in its embellishment.